Jay Kelley's "The Brother" page 4 and 5 art by Samax Amen

Is this dude EVER gonna finish this comic?
 I forgot to post page four of The Brother: Run Alonzo Run, so I'll post it now along with page five. I have gotten into the habit of posting on Facebook first instead of here, which is dumb, since this autoposts to Facebook. That ends today...

The Brother (not seen on either of these pages) is a super-powered African time traveler... the guardian of the African Diaspora. According to Jay, his chief inspiration in creating the Brother was the British fan-favorite television series Doctor Who. As someone that has never watched Doctor Who, my take on the character is inspired by a cross of Cornell West, Shaka Zulu, and supernatural pulpish superheroes like the Phantom Stranger and the Spectre. Run Alonzo, Run is our 16 page introduction to the character, but it's not an origin story. By the time the story opens, the Brother is already known as a force to be reckoned with... feared by authorities and criminals alike. Hence the hysteria of Alonzo (and the desk cop) on page four.

I drew the first page of this story with traditional tools, and the second page was made as sketches that I combined and finished in Photoshop. All the pages since were drawn straight into Photoshop with my Cintiq, which I got for cheap. The completion of page five puts me at about a third of the way finished with the art for this story. I'm also getting faster at drawing, so I just need to focus!

We have some very cool plans for The Brother that we'll be announcing soon enough, but for now, I'm just concentrating on getting pages done, so don't bother asking.  
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