Here's my portrait Jerod "DTOX" Davies, in case you missed it...

DTOX by Samax Amen

I drew this cartoon portrait of muralist/emcee/spiritual activist Jerod DTOX Davies for his birthday earlier this month. I delivered it to him at his surprise birthday party, which was held in a rented movie theater with about a hundred of the coolest, most talented people in Dallas talking loud and laughing with Jerod as his favorite movie (The Abyss) watched us from the big screen.

I don't remember when I met Jerod, but he is the leader of the Dallas freestyle art squad called the Just Us League, of which I am a humble participant. His lovely ladyfriend Dehvon (above) bought this Cartoon Portraits for Jarod. Cartoon Portraits are typically head-shots on 8.5 x 11, but I had to give my man DTOX a free upgrade to 11 x 14 for his birthday, know what I mean?

Have a picture of yourself, a friend, or your favorite fictional or historical character turned into a cool cartoon drawing! Perfect for social media profile pics, avatars, and covers.

Anyways, I drew this with a brush marker on 11 x 14 bristol. A couple people have inquired about buying prints of this. You can CLICK HERE to order prints in multiple sizes on DeviantArt.

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