5 YEARS OLD! (((airhorn)))

My daughter Marley turned FIVE YEARS OLD today (9:9:13)! Can you believe it? Seems like only a short while ago Hurricane Marley blew into town, and now she's five! This is from Marley's party at Chuck E Cheese on Saturday. My wife took a bunch of pictures, but she's probably too exhausted to share all of 'em...

 Did I mention Marley started ballet class on Saturday too? No? Well, she totally did. As any parent of a five year old can tell you, those little jokers have a ton of pent up energy (and that's before they gorge on sugar products), so you have to find stuff for them to do, preferably with lots of jumping and running involved.
Of course, Marley was immediately enamored with ballerinas the first time she saw one on a cartoon or something, so getting her into ballet was a must. Because my wife always spills the beans early, we all got to endure Marley's countdown to the first day of ballet for the last two months. So we were all overjoyed to get that first day into the books. But seriously, it's very important to us as parents that Marley be exposed to the wealth of culture and possibilities that there are around us. We want her to grow up seeing all the opportunities that are open to her, not just a bunch of limits and boundaries. That's one of the great things about children: They are so full of potential! We want Marley to embrace that, and enjoy exploring her potential as much as we enjoy watching her grow into it!


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