Two 11x17 Fan Art prints available this week from @SamaxAmen

Just like that, it's February, and there's a lot going on around here, so I'll get right to what I wanted to talk to you about:
I'm offering two limited 11x17 Fan Art prints this week, and as it turns out they both have a lovey dovey pre-Valentine vibe to them, for those of you who are feeling festive or whatever. Both pieces started out as black and white drawings I did back in 2011. This week I decided to color them and offer them as prints in the GhettoManga Store*...
This first piece is called Matt Hearts Elektra, and I drew it originally at a live art show I did as part of local art activist collective ArtLoveMagic. ALM is celebrating its 7th anniversary with tons of events, including a gallery show called SEVEN. As one of ArtLoveMagic's contributing artists, I was invited to hang a piece in the show, so I colored this and made seven signed and numbered prints. Click here if you want to buy one of them. Remember, there's only seven copies. When they are sold, I'm not printing Matt Hearts Elektra again. The seventh print will hang in SEVEN at the Janette Kennedy Gallery in Dallas all this month.
 Here's a drawing I did before Matt Hearts Elektra called Danny Hearts Misty. I drew it for a Comic Book Couples meme, and because I am a stoopid romantic and I love comics...
For the color version, I also redrew his trademarked chi-powered smoldering fist and added his dragon tattoo. This piece would have been done a lot sooner, but I really wanted to redesign Danny's tattoo. But I finally just broke down and drew it as is. I always thought that tattoo was mad corny, and I'm really surprised that in the tattoo-savvy age we live in today, Marvel has not retconned a better tattoo design onto him. If I ever become artist on Danny's book (IT COULD HAPPEN), the first thing we would do is a three part story that ends with him having a less lame tattoo.
Danny Hearts Misty is the Fan Art Friday print this week, so you can only order this piece until February 7th, when a new Fan Art Friday piece will become available, again, for one week only. To be clear, after February 7th, I am NOT gonna be offering Danny Hearts Misty ever again, so don't ask. If you want it, click here to order it*.
Anyways, I drew both of these with Brush Pens and polished and colored them in Photoshop. I hope you enjoy the drawings!

* PS- If you're in my fan club, I emailed you a discount code you can use for this, so check your email before you order! If you think you SHOULD have gotten that email but didn't, just email me and we'll get it resolved.
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