Speaking of 30 Minute Sketches- "King Shark" by @SamaxAmen

King Shark by Samax Amen

King Shark was the Daily Sketch for Thursday, but I forgot to post it. I never heard of this character before. I think he's a Superboy villain? Yeah, that's right. He has a super suit and all that, but I decided to draw him in street clothes, because... it was more fun. I also gave King Shark FAT gold rope, because that's how I roll or whatever. Anyways, I drew this on the cintiq with Photoshop CS3 in just under 30 minutes. Hope you like it.


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Unknown said...

Dope! King Shark and gold chains should be canon.

I did love King Shark in Ales Kot's super-brief 'Suicide Squad' run. He had him reading Rumi.

Samax said...

Ha ha! That sounds awesome, Trey! Now I need to go read some Suicide Squad!

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