"I want every little girl who's told she's bossy, to be told instead she has leadership skills." -Sheryl Sandberg

I'm Not Bossy! T-shirt by Samax Amen
My daughter is bossy. Which is to say that at five years old, she already carries herself like a BOSS! I grew up with a strong-willed single mom, two older sisters (one of whom was a star athlete), and a stack of Clairemont X-men comics. So as a result, I am an incurable Feminist as an adult. Now that I'm a father of a little girl, I am more invested in women's rights than ever. It starts by talking to my daughter in ways that empower her instead of ways that shame or reduce her. So I will try not to call her bossy anymore... 
The next time she gives me permission to do something I'm already doing, or tries to direct the singing of Happy Birthday at a party, I will compliment her for taking charge!   


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