Wanna see the interiors I did for Sivion's album "Group Therapy"?

So when I did the artwork for Sivion's album Group Therapy, I agreed not to share the interior art on the internet for a while so that people who bought the record would get something exclusive. After almost a year on the open market, I think it's okay to show this to you, since we're cool and all...
Above we have the front cover, which you may have already seen. Each character is one of the musicians who features on the album (and Sivion in the front, of course). The album has a TON of features. This isn't even half of the characters, but I'm not George Perez or anything, so we had to put a cap on it, son!

This is the interior spread. I knew it would be mostly obscured by song credits and stuff, but I still wanted to do something interesting. 
 My favorite piece on this project was the back cover, which shows the superheroes in a support group inspired by the album's title.
This is the image that's printed on the disc. Sivion toting the Battle Axe, his saxophone.

This one was not part of the album artwork, but after I finished, I got so excited waiting on the album to come out that I drew this in my spare time. We eventually used it for the album release party fliers.

Group Therapy came out in October, and I honestly anticipated getting a lot more album cover work this year, but seven months in, that has not happened. What I get is lots of people who ask me what I charge, and then don't reply when I give them my rates.

Oh well... This Promethian fire nah come cheap, seen?

All in all, I enjoyed doing the artwork for Group Therapy. Like all the other records I have done art for, Group Therapy is a fabulous piece of work, and I am proud to be involved with it.
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AWJ said...

I noticed Playdoughs hotdog suit. But cant place the rest featured on the album? Is there going to be like a character list of whos who?

Samax said...

The characters on the front cover, top to bottom, and left to right:
1) Sintax the Terrific
2) Propaganda
3) Freddie Bruno
4) Wushu (Sivion's twin brother, and partner in Phat Kats)
5) Eimi Hall
6) Heather James
7) Manchild (from Mars ILL)
8) Sareem Poems
9) Zane One
10) Playdough
11) Sivion

But like I said, there's a ton of features. I would still be designing costumes if I'd tried to draw 'em all!

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