#WorkInProgress STORM #1 sketch cover by @SamaxAmen

My buddy Mike is always telling me I should buy some of these blank cover variants and draw the characters and put them for sale online, so I finally decided to do it. So when I bought the first two issues of STORM a couple weeks ago, I went ahead and copped the blank cover variant of STORM #1.Of course, I have been too nervous to touch the issue since.
Or maybe I've been too busy. I have two (count 'em, two) jobs now. And a couple freelance assignments. And a show coming up. And my wife and daughter both had birthdays this month. But who am I kidding? I was nervous! My first blank cover! I wanted it to be dope, and I was putting too much pressure on myself (I do that sometimes). But today at job #1 I had a few minutes of down time, so instead of wasting time on the internet, I decided to doodle the time away. I pulled out a piece of scrap paper (complete with discarded labels from job #2), and started sketching with a ballpoint pen...
I'm in love. I know as an artist, I'm supposed to be self-loathing and critical of my own work... but dang. This looks dope! I was so excited, that I couldn't wait to get home to my scanner! I started to post a camera phone pic, but I needed to scrub the addresses and phone numbers off those labels, because... the internet. So anyways, here's the sketch that will lead to the artwork on my Storm cover. When I have time, I'll use my trusty light box to ink the drawing onto the cover. I will probably add some color to it as well. The good news is now I am not nervous anymore!
UPDATE I finally started lightboxing the drawing onto the issue. (10/4)

 Once the piece is done, I will post it here, and offer the issue for sale. I will probably offer a print as well. We'll see...


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