Sweetheart Portraits by @SamaxAmen

J x J (Jamila and Joe) by Samax Amen
As I expected, I got a flood of Valentine's Day commissions at the last minute, So I had my head down a lot getting them done. I don't think I have the skills to show just how cute a couple Jamila and Joe Mendez make, so you are just gonna hafta take my word for it. They're adorable. I tried to get it across in this piece... So here's some more I did below...

A Kiss for Daddy by Samax Amen
I worked with Chandra and James Fairchild in college, so it was a real treat to go through their photos of their daughter Stella to get reference. Obviously, most relationships in college don't last, but I wasn't surprised to see that Chandra and James's has.
Hair Everywhere by Samax Amen
I feel like I have known Rhoda for a hundred years, but I'm less than a hundred years old, so my math must be off. It must have been a while, though, seeing as she had time to raise her grown son, Shadrick! Maybe I forgot to carry the one or something...
The Thigpens by Samax Amen
OH! Here's some proof that some people actually hire me that I haven't known for decades! Darren Thigpen responded to the Sweetheart Special promo I did on Facebook. He sent me plenty of photos of his wife Marlo for reference, and she was wearing an afro in one of them... so if you've been following me very long you know which one I was gonna be inspired by! Everyone knows I love drawing women with afros...
Anyways, CLICK HERE if you want to have a picture of yourself, a friend, or whoever turned into a cool cartoon drawing!

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