[SOLD!] Untitled Watercolor

 So I was all wound up last night, and after looking at some paintings on Facebook I was inspired to do some doodling on canvas. I have a bunch of these 9 x 12 joints laying around, so I wasn't under pressure to make a masterpiece or anything...

After a slow start, I decided to fall back on "girl with afro" which is probably my favorite go-to thing to draw... I was sketching with a variety of green and blue watercolor markers, sharpies and a brush for washes and blending. This is what eventually emerged.

There wasn't much intent here, so your theory is as good as mine. I think she's a mermaid, maybe? What do you think? I'm interested to hear what from you, so get at me via email, Twitter,  Facebook,  or Google plus ...
This painting is looking pretty sweet on my wall by the stairs, but I'd gladly part with it in exchange for $175 (includes domestic shipping).

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