Oh yeah! I won a GLYPH Award as part of the team on @133art's ONE NATION: SAFEHOUSE!

So I was delivering a pizza the other day (no, I'm not doing art full-time anymore. I hope you still love me anyways) when I got a text from my man Jamar Nicholas (Detective Boogaloo, FSKG, LEON), who was in attendance at the 2015 Glyph Awards, Where it looks like I won a Glyph as part of the creative team on One Nation: Safehouse!

Jason Reeves commissioned this drawing on a blank cover edition of ONE NATION #1 that he mailed to me. I was really happy with how it turned out, but then he showed me what it looked like with colors by Luis Guerrero...
Guerrero REALLY took it up several notches with these colors! Although Jason's original plan didn't include publishing my drawing as a cover, I encouraged him to use it on a variant or reprint...
So I was very pleased when Jason chose to use the artwork for the cover of the ONE NATION: SAFEHOUSE one-shot, which won the Fan Award for Best Work at the 2015 Glyph Awards. Believe it or not, I have never won an award for comic book work. I was already very proud to be involved, and winning an ward like this is icing!


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