I guess OnPoint InkPhotography​ thought it was okay to steal my drawing of Cupid from Love's Gonna Getcha and use it in a promo for a rapper named Lindo Yes (maybe it's the same person? I don't know).  I submitted a copyright infringement report on Soundcloud, where Lindo was using my drawing as artwork for a song called "Love is a Battlefield."

This really made me mad when I found it last night, but I'm cool now. Another artist saw it and recognized my work and let me know about it. I don't waste time looking for people doing this (biting is rampant in the photoshop era), but from time to time, a friend, fan, and/or colleague will point an instance out to me. I go hard enough at this that there are thousands of people out there that know my work, and they let me know when they see people out there waving my steelo as their own.

Good lookin' out, fam.

For the record, shit like this is not cool. I work hard on my craft. I'm not rich or anything, but I do this for a living. Google makes it easy to swipe my drawing (yes, I know you found my shit by googling "love is a battlefield"... lazy), and digital editing programs make it easy to erase my signature and slap a bunch of mismatched fonts on it, and social media sites make you think that doing those things makes you a designer.


It makes you a biter. In case you didn't know, biting is wack, so please stop. I assume you have some kind of talent of your own. Work on that. If you need artwork, just hire someone. You can find artists all over the place, some for incredibly cheap.

Whatever the case, I reported it on Soundcloud, and if I see it anywhere else, I'll report it there too. I'll get a lawyer if I have to.
Biters shall not prosper.

UPDATE: After I took action to enforce my copyright, Lindo contacted me, apologized, and offered to compensate me.

After giving him a stern talking to, I accepted his apology (and his money) and granted him permission to use the drawing (with proper credit). 

For the record, I'm not mad at him anymore,

BUT ...

When he asked me if I would take this blog post down, I said no.

Because consequences.
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Unknown said...

that's that shit that grinds my gears, bruh!!!

Someone did the same to me over in Iceland or somewhere some years ago....and the crazy part is, it wasn't even a good drawing of mine they jacked!!! anyway, lawyer wifey (fiance at the time) put some 'cease and desist" language together for me...and problem solved

Samax said...

Yeah, I ran through the whole gamut of emotions. Don't get me started. lol!

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