"Who is Lord Zero?" by @SamaxAmen

Kurt Christenson of Kings County Comics commissioned a drawing of masked arch villain Lord Zero to go with the drawing of his character Thrust that I drew last month.
I liked this character immediately. In the reference materials the client sent me (including a short comic book sample) Lord Zero reminded me of my favorite Marvel villain Doctor Doom, as played by Cornel West. Like Doom (and sometimes, West), Zero's actions can be understood as good intentions weaponized by monumental hubris. Without giving anything away that isn't my business to give away, I would say Zero's story qualifies as epic!

My initial drawing was a pretty good study of the character (without helmet, cause that's how I roll), but I didn't like where it was going... I mean, it looked good, but it didn't really speak to me the way the drawing of Thrust did. So I started over...
I wanted to make a drawing that captured the grandeur and tragedy of the great epic super-villains in my drawing of Zero. I also wanted it to have the the dynamism of the Thrust drawing. With all that in mind, I dove in again, and came up with this one. After stepping back to take it in, I really like this one.Only downside is the cape wasn't working in the drawing, so I left it out.
Did a little bit more tweeking while adding some color. So I still didn't tell you much about Lord Zero, but if this drawing makes you want to learn more, I guess I accomplished my mission!

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