A few sketches. Nothing special. . .

I do a lot of stuff digitally, so people assume that I don't like to draw on paper. Nothing could be further from the truth...
Since my art career slid back into "Struggling Artist" mode (that's between "Starving" and "Working" on the Artist Achievement Index), I am currently working two jobs.  Here's some sketches I drew during training class at my new call center job...

Before someone concludes that I was drawing instead of paying attention, I have found that my retention is better when I doodle than it is when I take notes. I have also learned not to show my drawings to my classmates, because it becomes disruptive. So you are the first people to see these.

Don't you feel special?

The people conducting our training are really fired up about the company. REALLY REALLY fired up. I'm thankful to have some stability or whatever... but excited?  Not really.
 I'm fat. So I just wanted to draw a fat dude rocking. I have never listened to a Rick Ross song all the way through, but he epitomizes that fat rock star thing.  This is not a drawing of Rick Ross, but I imagine this dude bumps Rich Forever in his suv...
Warrior Cupids (because love is a battlefield) and some kind of mutant cyborg gorilla? Yeah... I was probably angry or depressed (probably both) when I drew these, judging from that gorilla monster. My freelance work has really taken over my drawing time, but it wasn't enough to permanently replace the need for a job (or two). So I haven't been able to do my "art therapy" in a while.  Sketching in the wild allows me to express feelings that don't really have a place in freelance work, and that I probably don't know how to address in comics yet.

Plus it gives me something to show you when clients got the content on nondisclosure lockdown.

   I fell in love with this girl a long time ago. 
Here's a sketch I drew of her from memory.

Anyways, That's it for now. Don't be surprised if any of these gets developed into a more finished painting or illustration at some point. Let me know what you think.


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