Wanna make a comic strip with me?

They say "do what you love and you'll never work a day of your life!"
So I would LOVE to draw your comic strip!

Think about it: You think you're pretty funny. Or you have a message... something to say to the world! Or maybe you produce a newsletter for your job or church or whatever.

The point is...YOU NEED A COMIC STRIP, and I would love to draw it for you! Let's share your ideas and vision with the world!

"This site literally wouldn’t exist without Samax... 

In 2017 he started to offer a deal where you could pay him to draw a comic-strip that you come up with. I loved that idea, it was something I’d never even thought of doing before. I always liked comic strips, I used to read them in the newspaper everyday (back in the ancient days when we actually read the news on printed paper). I’ve got several collected editions of some of my favorite strips. But I guess because the majority of comic strips that I’ve known seem to be written and drawn by the same person, I thought I couldn't create a comic strip, due to my lack of drawing ability.  So when Samax said that he could do the drawing, while I do the writing, it was like a light-bulb went off in my head, although it took my awhile to come up with something for him to draw.
But I finally came up with DJINNX. And originally it was just going to be something I would do a few of, I figured 4 at most, that I would then just post on my blog and Facebook page, and that would be that. But once I saw my first strip drawn by him it really sparked my imagination and I realized that this was something I’d want to try doing on a regular basis. And thus, the motivation behind this website was born."
J.R. LeMar MyComicStripClub.com

If you're interested, CLICK HERE to sign up for my comic strip email updates or CLICK HERE to schedule a free 15 minute discovery call so we can see how I can help.

Get at me via email, or Facebook if you have any questions or concerns.


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