I drew a Guest Comic Strip for Roger Wilbanks' CENTRAL ZOO

 My friend Roger Wilbanks draws a daily comic strip called Central Zoo that is crossing the 100 week threshold later this month!  To celebrate he invited a bunch of artists (including me) to draw guest strips to run during week 100.  Here's mine.

I drew this on a template Roger gave me (hence last year's copyright notice) with my Cintiq in Adobe Photoshop.  Roger wrote and will edit and color the strip before he posts it, but this is what I turned in.  I'll drop another post once the strip is live.  For now,  check out CENTRAL ZOO on Facebook.

I have a TON of respect for Roger, who is one of the few artists I know who actually draws a daily comic strip.  One of my 2019 goals is to ramp up to drawing a comic strip every day.  I want to be at 3 1-3 panel strips a week by the end of March.

I am not starting with the idea that I have to create a strip by myself.  I am doing custom comic strip illustrations for all kinds of clients, as well as drawing strips to post on social media instead of just sharing links and memes and stuff.  Some will be full color, and some will be black and white like this one.

If you're interested on working on a comic strip with me, CLICK HERE to schedule a free 15 minute discovery call so we can talk about it! If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them.

While you're here, CLICK HERE to sign up for my free, customizable newsletterMy plan is to share an email every Sunday with the strips I have drawn that week.

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