Spent my Saturday painting and drawing on faces


Hey fam,

One of my clients is a party promoter who books me for live events. 

At his request, I added Face Painting to my Live Art Party arsenal in 2022, and he has had recurring work for me.   

I took my Art Party gear on the road and painted faces at a store opening on Saturday.

We got off to a great start with this cutie pie...

Some of the openings are slow, but I have fun anyway. 

This time, LOTS of kids showed up, so I stayed busy!

There were actually two separate vans of pre-teen basketball players that wanted those hand-pieces while their drivers were in the store.  But I didn't get pictures of all of them, because they were in a hurry.

I was excited when this next kid asked me to paint the planet Saturn!

I mostly do cheek-pieces, because people are generally in a hurry.  But my man wanted the American flag across his whole face, and I could not let him down!


You probably already knew I did caricatures.  I have a Valentine's party coming up on the 10th.  We'll see how that goes.  

Here's some caricatures I did at a Christmas party last month.

You can CLICK HERE to see more photos from this party on my Facebook page.

I posted 'em on Instagram too.

Got a party coming up?
If you have a party coming up, and you would like me to come make art with you, you can respond to this message and let me know what you have in mind.


CLICK HERE to schedule a Free 30 Minute Phone or Zoom Call to talk about it!  

Hope to hear from you soon,
-Samax ("some AX")
Samax Amen at Clay Pot - Hella Good Tee
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