Custom Art by Samax Amen

Here are some custom art services I currently offer.
When it comes to Custom Art services I offer, nothing is more popular than my Cartoon Portraits. People like to buy them for themselves, or as gifts on birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas, Graduation, Weddings, and especially Valentine's Day. I also do these frequently for bloggers, musicians and other entrepreneurs who want to add a personal touch to their websites, social media accounts, and office spaces.
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Drawing comics is my first love. After a life spent drawing (and sometimes publishing) my own stories, I have been drawing comics professionally since 2008. I drew, colored and lettered over 200 pages of comics for E-learning company Study Island for a reading intervention program they designed, and have helped create comics for other people, small businesses, and corporations. In addition to being a great, cheap form of entertainment, comics are excellent tools for illustrating complex ideas or telling your story, whatever that may be.
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I would love to draw a comic strip, but so far I haven't been able to wrap my head around writing for one. Oh well. I am happy to draw one for you! These are great for greeting cards and postcards!
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Live Art
I have been doing live art for businesses, churches, non-profits and personal parties since 2001. I have been blessed to be paid well to create art in front of meetings and crowds in many different capacities.

You can hire me to come to your spot and spend up to 3 hours creating an original drawing live that will become your property to sell, auction, raffle off, give away as a gift, or just keep for yourself. |more
Caricature Art Parties
I absolutely love doing caricatures for businesses, churches, non-profits and personal parties.  The best part is each person at your party goes home with a quick cartoon  portrait! |more...

I've been creating greeting card art for myself, my clients and my customers for over ten years. Special occasions, events, holidays... you name it! If you need to make an impression, just give me your ideas, and I can turn them into artwork for you to share with your friends, colleagues, and family. 
| m o r e...
Character Illustration for Mascots, Logos, and similar business uses.
I can draw cartoon characters for use as mascots for businesses, schools, church groups, etc. 
Character Design
 for Comics, Games and Animation
I'm happy to help you design characters for your comic, video game, or cartoon from the ground up! I'll create your designs using Adobe Illustrator, so they will be scalable to any size and can be imported into most animation programs.
Environment Design for Comics, Games and Animation
I also know how to create Environments for use in your comics, video games, or cartoons! I'll create your backgrounds and props as vectors using Adobe Illustrator, so they will be scalable to any size and can be imported into most animation programs.
Fan Art/Pin up Art Commissions
Yes, I can draw your favorite character. Yes, I can draw your favorite character fighting/ dancing with/ kissing your other favorite character. Please keep it relatively clean. 

Custom Album Artwork
If I didn't need money, I would draw album covers for free. But I got bills, so don't ask. As it stands, I have supplied album art for Sivion, Medafor, Bavu Blakes, Playdough, Heath McNease, and a few more. Looking forward to doing more!
Custom Fliers
Even though most fliers would hardly be considered art, I try to take it to another level! I try to make fliers so dope that people want to keep them long after the show is over. Even if the show sucked! Your show won't suck of course, cause you're awesome. I'm just sayin'... I like to make sure your fliers are awesome, too!I will also post the fliers on social media, blogs, and in my printed publications when applicable.
Custom Posters
I haven't been commissioned to do movie or event posters, yet. I have done lots of miscellaneous illustration gigs that look like poster art, so if you want something like that, I can draw it!
I think the tee shirt is the canvas of my generation. I like to make art for teeshirts, ranging from wordless illustrations of weird concepts to more straight forward designs. more...

If there's some other service you're looking for, or if you have any other questions, feel free to contact me by email or Facebook.
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