Comic Strip Art by Samax Amen

Are you a stand up comedian who wants to sit down for a change? 

A business owner who wants to better engage employees and customers alike?

Religious or social organization that wants to advance their cause in a relate-able way?

A reporter or activist who wants to write a political strip? 

I believe in the power of comic strips, and I have figured out a sure fire way to turn anyone with something to say into a comic strip author. 

Your words make people laugh (or cry, or think deep thoughts), so let's make a 1-3 panel comic strip based on your ideas, so people will actually read them. 

It can be something as simple as a social media update!

Give me your ideas, and I can turn them into a comic strip for you to share with your friends and fans in black & white or color!

The first panel is just $50 for a black and white comic, and additional panels are just $25 each ($100/$35 for a color comic)*.

You simply pay for the first panel up front, and I'll invoice you for the rest when the strip is done.

Click the button to place your order!

Comic Strip Art
Delivery takes about two to three weeks at the most. If you have a deadline, make sure to let me know!

For any questions you have, just CLICK HERE to email me, or click here to hit me up on messenger.

You can even schedule a free (no pressure) phone or video call here to talk about it.


* A percentage of every comic strip order will be donated to The Innocence Projecta nonprofit legal organization that is committed to exonerating wrongly convicted people through the use of DNA testing and to reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.

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