my first Father's Day

photos by Jenice Johnson.
i'm sitting down to work after enjoying my very first Father's Day! of course the weekend got off to a bang on friday when my wife Charlene gave me my first ever Father's Day Gift (a bicycle, which i REALLY wanted, but was not expecting!) and card. i had no idea how special it would make me feel to get one until i actually got it! i mean, i'm still getting used to the idea that i am someone's daddy (not to mention husband, but that's a whole 'nother blog post), but to then have someone say "happy Father's Day" to me, and realize the "Father" in that sentence is ME? kind of a big deal...

so anyways with day one made memorable by my new calorie-burning wheels, on to day two. the ArtLoveMagic Father's Day show (which, since it was on Saturday, i consistantly referred to as the "Father's Day Eve Show") was off the hinges! thanks to all my Twitter f(r)iends that came out, and a sincere "nice to meat'cha" to all the fine folks i met for the first time. i sold some comics and prints, and made some useful contacts. but most of all, it was just a fun show. accomplished photographer Jenice Johnson took lots of cool pics of all the dads and families in attendance (including the pics shown here of my daughter Marley and me), and i just really enjoy it when my girls can be with me while i'm working! i was already shoulder deep in my art hustle when my wife and i got together, but marriage and fatherhood have motivated me more, so that my daughter can grow up believing that it's possible to make a living doing what you love. having Charlene and Marley around sometimes to watch and help out is a great feeling!

After the show, we stayed in a hotel. we checked out this morning and went out to eat, dropped by the comic shop (yay!) and ran around a little before coming home and chilling out around the homestead. so all in all, a great and memorable holiday weekend. after not having as much of a relationship with my own dad as i would have liked (RIP Daddy... love you!), and not being much of a holiday person anyway, i was pleasantly surprised at how much i enjoyed my first Father's Day. i hope you enjoyed yours just as much!


mmcelhaney said...

Congratulations on your First Father's Day! This one marks my 3rd Father's Day and it just keeps getting better and better. Your daughter is sooo beautiful!

Samax said...

thanks, Marcus!
glad to hear it... God bless!

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