Puff Draft

i did this a few years ago, when i first started freelancing. The client owns a shop that makes stuff for people in black fraternities and sororities. after doing a few pieces for him, he just stopped giving me work all at once. he never told me what the problem was, and to my knowledge never printed any of the pieces i made for him.
i thought maybe other people just didn't like the style i used, but when i included it in my book Spontaneous, people always reacted well to it. now i print copies for shows, and I always sell at least one. Not being in a fraternity myself, i never really got into that business, so i really only have a few of these pieces. this one is the 2nd most popular, so i keep printing it. if you want one of these, let me know.
i've found that while i am not the most popular artist, people who like what i do REALLY like what i do. so if that's you, i sure appreciate it. if not, that's alright too!

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