Straight Outta Azgard

The Mighty Thor by Samax.
I always loved the bearded Thor Walt Simonson drew in the comic where Thor got wounded by the death goddess Hela and started rockin' the Grizzly Adams... figured i'd hook the thunder god up with a beard for this joint. i pretty much went straight Taliban on that joker, although i doubt anyone would mistake him for Bin Laden... anyways, i made this with 100% photoshop. hope y'all like it!
[UPDATE] This puppy is the Image of the month for December, so that means i'll hook anybody up with a print who's willing to part with $20. let me know if you're interested!


mmcelhaney said...

This is cool! I didn't realize art like this was possible in Photoshop. Awesome!

Samax said...


yeah, Photoshop is extremely powerful and versatile in what it can do! most of my recent pieces have been drawn in photoshop.

the majority of the comics i've done over the past year was drawn in photoshop, too. it took that kind of volume (over 160 pages) for me to get really comfortable. now, i do as much art in the computer as in traditional mediums.

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