((YOU know the name!))

If you've made it to one of our shows, you may have even met this fine fellow in person. I'm talking about writer, samurai enthusiast and stand-up philosopher Corance of the mighty GhostWerks crew. Those who bought my book Spontaneous (thanks!) got to see the first round of a bloody grudge match between me (in full evil mode) and Corance, and the battle will be joined for real in part two of my freestyle comic, which will be available in full color next month as part of the second installment of Spontaneous.


Corance said...

It is I!!! (we got a ad in the paper, son.-MosDef)

Samax said...


Unknown said...

Loving the shapes on this guy! Wishin you and yours the best in the New year

Keep on keepin on

Samax said...

thanks! have a great New Year!

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