do It BIG in 2010, Fam!

*Illustration I did for Bavu Blakes, one of my favorite emcees. made with photoshop*
Happy New Year, everyone... hope everyone's having (or had, if you're reading this in the morning) a good time. I don't really make traditional New Year's resolutions, but I definitely wanna continue going in the right direction in my spiritual, professional and family life, and taking as many with me as possible. We had some bad spots this year, but 2009 was very good to me and my family overall. so here's to rolling with the punches and coming back to win in the New Year!



o f l o d a said...

Happy New Year Samax to you and your family. I really love the look of this piece. One of my favs. Wishing you and your family and awesome 2010!

Samax said...

thanks ofloda! let's all have a great year!

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