I Make it DO what it DO

I've been up all night laying out comics for my favorite client while you were drooling on your pillow. No hate, I will smash my pillow something awful soon enough (even though I won't get to sleep long). This comic, about a 7 year old (above) who can find whatever is missing, no matter what, is gonna be good... If you happen to know Brandon May or Abram Valdez, tell them I said EVERY TIME I read through their script, I smile at how dope it is! now i gotta do MY justice to it!
in other news, finances at the house are looking pretty ugly right now, but I'm determined to make it blend... if you've been waiting for JUSSST the right time to buy something, NOW is looking pretty good, fam! If you are a fan of my art and want to see me continue to put out more, you can show your support by copping some of my existing stuff. my book Spontaneous is on IndyPlanet for just 16 bucks (click here to cop it) and both issues of my magazine GhettoManga Quarterly are there also (click here to peep those).  I have my old comics i did with my crew in stock here, for those who are interested. slide by the Ziontific store if you need cards, tees, hoodies or other assorted t'ing... i'll be blogging more specific items as much as I can, so I won't need to hold a telethon or something. Get at me if there's something specific you're looking for.
 well, that's it for now... back to the drawing board!
peace, love, etc

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