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I've been very busy lately! Charlene started back to grad school, so I'm back on Daddy Day Care with our 17 month-old daughter Marley. I was already way behind on commissions, and Marley's in that mode where she wants to try to eat everything, so keeping her alive is a full-time job... anyways, not really sure what all that has to do with this picture of Static I drew the other day... but this is my blog, so i'll ramble a little! I drew this with a watercolor brush pen for the Daily Sketch Challenge I joined, but rarely draw for... even though I'm busy, I want to ramp up that kind of stuff. 
One of the many clients who are patiently waiting on me is my friend Allana. when I started sketching this drawing, I was thinking primarily about the big bird-shaped medallion that's covering her chest. Anyways, this isn't a drawing of any of the specific characters Allana tapped me to draw, but I was feeling inspired, so I went with it. I still haven't seen Avatar (I saw like 20-35 minutes of it at the sneakeasy while I was waiting to see The Book of Eli), but when I talked to Allana last, the aliens from that movie did come up... I'm hoping something I work out in this piece will help me in my designs for Allana (fingers crossed!)

you may have already seen this sketch on the summary of the Underground show I wrote over on GhettoManga (read the full report here), but i guess now is a good time to post it here anyway. I drew it with a ballpoint pen and a couple watercolor markers at the show. I also added zip-a-tone in photshop afterwards, 'cause that's how i roll... Dallas Comicon and Underground fell on the same weekend this year, and even though it was fun and profitable, I got the fan-flu or something, and was sick as a dog the week after. well, it's late, so i better head to sleep! i have more drawings that I'll post later, so stay tuned!
love, peace, etc.

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