ArtLoveMagic's Spring 2010 Artist Workshop is gonna be HOT!

I spent Saturday afternoon building and destroying with a handful of my peoples from the mighty ArtLoveMagic collective, planning the 2010 Spring Artist Workshop...
There's gonna be 13 classes to choose from, and the scheduling will allow attendees to go to as many as four of 'em.
For my part, I'll be running sessions on Making Comics for Print and Web. In the workshop, I'll share what I know about self-publishing and marketing. I'll co-sign on some smart ideas I've picked up about "the Industry" and let you know which commonly-accepted practices are just freaking stupid. I'll bring a small library of books on specific relevant topics for those interested, as well as a bibliography of resources for attendees to take home in print and on ceedee. 
I'm happy to be teaching at the Workshop this quarter, but I'm REALLY excited to be able to attend them too! I'm already registered for Show Me The Money: Art Business For Dummies by Darryl Ratcliff and Kevin Spurgin, Owners of Green Bandana Group. The biggest question they will answer is "What can I do to start making money from my art, poetry, music, etc,...  Right NOW?"... so yeah, I'm in there.  I'm also attending Art Law, hosted by Intellectual Property Rights lawyer Mark Purdue, because seeing a lawyer for $10 is too attractive to pass up!
anyways, there's all kinds of classes for artists, musicians, filmmakers, and more so go here to get familiar.

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