Max Luh Da Kids...

Known as the Champ Wallpaper by samax amen
I'll be starting a 3 part workshop Friday afternoon at one of the local private schools, where 15 kids will hopefully learn a little bit about making comics from my clumsy rambling.

so anyways, I'll be showing them some stuff on my laptop, so It's probably better if it doesn't have a picture of a ninja stabbing a businessman as the desktop wallpaper ... so instead, here's the star of my kids' comic Champion of Children! If you want a print of this (11x17 for $20), just let email me! I don't have time to set up the paypal button right now...[UPDATE!! the Paypal Button is installed now, so you can cop the poster for a cool $20]
p.s. peep another fly Champ poster here.


jason quinones said...

adoarble! awesome style!

samax said...


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