Wired for Empathy?

"We don't lose our... nationhood, religious identities or even our blood ties. We extend our identities so we can think of the human race as our fellow sojourners, and other creatures as our evolutionary family, and the biosphere as our community. We have to rethink the human narrative."
-Jeremy Rifkin
economist, speaker and activist

I used to work for a corporate consulting firm where I did what's referred to as 'scribing': drawing and writing on white boards while speakers delivered talks on various subjects. The work I did was VERY similar to what you see in RSA videos like this one (although not nearly as fast LOL). anyways, one of my friends posted one of these videos on Facebook this morning, and I have pretty much been watching lots of these all day (thanks, Warlick)!
Besides the fact that it reminded me of my short-lived adventures in the corporate world, this particular video speaks to my view of how intelligent people should think about the world and their place in it as we move into the future. Now as you may have guessed, I'm a Christian, which believe it or not doesn't automatically disqualify me from being able to talk about intelligence, science, or tolerance.  Whether we are religious or not, whatever color or nationality, we need to learn to exhibit compassion, empathy and thoughtfulness in our personal and group practices. Just as technology is enabling us to embrace these high concepts and expand our bonds of kinship, they are also enabling our ability to destroy ourselves and our world, whether on purpose or by accident (i'm looking at you, BP). So we need to agree to disagree on the lesser details, and get our stuff together fam, or else...
anyways, enjoy the video!

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