30 minute Sketch challenge - Scarlet Spider

Scarlet Spider (30 minute sketch) by Samax Amen
drew this for the Daily Sketch challenge group on DeviantArt. there is a time limit on the pieces, so I think I can participate. It will help me draw (and update this blog) more and stay loose, hopefully! anyways, today's subject is the Scarlet Spider from the dreaded Spidey Clone Saga. Oh how I hate this costume...

I didn't have time to draw the crappy scarlet spider logo on the chest... I wanted to stick to the 30 minute time limit... hope you can enjoy it anyways... Well I hear my boss (my daughter Marley) calling!


J.R. LeMar said...

I always liked the Scarlett Spider costume, and wish there were a way that the character could continue (separate from Spider-Man, of course). I also liked the extra weapons he had, like Spider-Stingers and Impact Webbing.

Samax said...

I liked the character, and the extra weapons... but that costume :puke:

I guess there are ways to make it work, but I can't say I liked it at all...

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