Herman Heed 2 is GO!!!

a behind-the-scenes look at the next exciting chapter of Herman Heed...
I wanted to finish the second chapter of MANCHILD: Birthday Boy before moving on to Herman Heed: The Case of the Most Valuable Videogame but I got hung up... deadlines and bills are calling, so I'll be alternating pages until the chapter of  MANCHILD is finished (only a few pages left...). I should be able to keep pace (even while I tighten up some other freelance loose ends) on both, so people who are waiting on  the Summer issue of GhettoManga Quarterly (of which MANCHILD is a feature), will be satisfied with the contents...
Anyways,  I just posted this so you could see some of my process... I really don't do proper "pencils" or "inks" unless totally necessary... just roughs (sometimes with a marker or pen on typing paper, or with a tablet in a photoshop layer like you can see in the first panel), then start drawing in color. I try to draw each object on its own layer, so it's easy to make changes (clients appreciate that). So Herman Heed is indeed underway now...  stay tuned here for more!

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