My Top 5 of 2010

I did a lot of drawing last year. I earned my living doing freelance, and lots of commissions. Then I spent my free time on self-publishing, participating in sketch groups, and doing shows. The speed and quality of my work has improved a lot. I'm more confident than ever. I'd say these are the five best pieces I did in 2010. but if I made the list again tomorrow, it would probably be different!
 #5) Wonderdark Rising- This taste of afrosteampunk goodness was a commission for guerilla novelist and zine publisher Dazjae Zoem of Purple Magazine and Ultraviolet Underground. Her inherent coolness is only matched by the width and depth of her imagination.

 #4) Where Do You Want It Baby?- I probably went overboard when I drew this last January... there wasn't much vocal or written reaction to this from my fans, but as far as I'm concerned, it's one of the best things I've ever drawn in my life! A real game-changer...

3) Steel- After looking over my stuff, I'm pretty sure this fan art joint I drew of Steel is the best drawing I did of 2010, although there will certainly be those who disagree.
2) This page of Manchild: Birthday Boy chapter two appeared in the fall issue of my magazine GhettoManga Quarterly. I write and draw Manchild myself (as well as editing and self-publishing the magazine), so It isn't perfect, but I'm very proud of it! You can preview and order the magazine on IndyPlanet.
1) Herman Heed- In 2010 I drew (and colored and lettered) two 25-page Herman Heed comics for an educational program company. The comics were made as part of a computer tutoring program to help kids improve their reading level. I am as proud of this work as anything I've ever done!
Anyways, my art career is in serious flux right now. Even though I have reached some creative high points, I don't know for sure where 2011 will take me professionally. Hopefully all the doors that are closing will just signal better opportunities opening up for me.
Have a GREAT New Year!


Unknown said...

Love this stuff dude! Your stuff is really inspiring to me and the fact that you've been able to make a living with it this year is also inspiring! Especially since im looking forward to the day when i can say that also. I'm sorry some doors are closing for you but I really hope and pray others do open up! Id like to suggest a podcast to you that has been a great source of inspiration and motivation for me and may help you open up new doors! These guys talk about the craft of comic books and Illustration work and theyre getting ready to do a series on the business of it all soon so it may be a great place to get some good tips and inspiration for your career. Hope that's helpfull dude! I love what your doing with your art and with your websites. Very similar to the direction I'm going in also with the mix of Hip-Hop and Comic Books. Love ya man! -Plex

Samax said...

Thanks, bro. I'll definitely check out that podcast! I appreciate your kindness and encouragement, as always!

Barry said...

Great stuff here! Thanks for visiting my blog. I especially like your Rocket Raccoon image from last month.

Samax said...

thanks, Barry!

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