Iron Man drawing by Samax (in case you missed it)

I did this Iron Man piece for a commission for  DwainIBe of my Twitter familia. I started to cop out and do the 80's Iron Man, but I thought I  would try and do a version of the one from the movie.
 I am Iron Man by Samax Amen
Geez that thing is complicated! I realized I don't like drawing Iron Man  in a way that makes him look like a robot. This armor looks like it  could easily walk around by itself... I tried to hint at the man  underneath.

I always enjoyed renditions that stressed that Tony  is a super hero, not just an armored stormtrooper like a SHIELD Mandroid or  whatever. He's flashier than a soldier would be in the suit.
Anyways, I hope you like it! Click here to commission me for fan art, portraits, etc.

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