"Shacklebound" Illustration

This piece was my first job on Elance, a freelance bidding site. I was actually surprised to be selected by the client, but my style was exactly what he was looking for. Yay, me!

The client for this piece is Shacklebound Books, a new small press publisher focusing on dystopian and existentialist themes. He was looking for a company logo with a rough black and white style and "subtle hints of chaos and dispair" in the body language. So once I was selected and talked to him a little, I did the sketches above. He already knew what he wanted, so I expected him to pick #4 (which he did), but I wanted to try some other looks, too. Once he picked the one he wanted and gave a little feedback, I finished the piece up with illustrator.

Based on what the client called for, I made sure that the posture, linework and suggested facial expression gave an impression of defeat and despair, not a defiant prisoner. The client was very happy with it (and paid me), so I feel good about it.
 When the client has some books out, I will point them out!

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