PREVIEW- "Da Old School" from "Champion of Children Vol 1"

For those who have never read it, Champion of Children is about kid superheroes (because kid villains have to be stopped by kid heroes, right?). The greatest kid hero at any given time inherits the title "Champion of Children" along with the requisite privileges and responsibilities. The current Champion of Children is 5 year old martial arts powered hero Li'l Madd Skillz, but this particular short story Da Old School stars her big brother Junior Raw, and his friend Smash Boogie (whose name I only learned after drawing this story, by the way). To help promote our Kickstarter campaign, Champ co-creator and writer Corance Davis has empowered me to offer Da Old School in its entirety...

Champion of Children vol1: I'm Known as the Champ will reprint all the existing stories (including this one from the sold-out Champion of Children After School Special) and tons of bonus features, plus it will have (at least) one new story by Corance Davis and Rasheed Hines called Blaze. I actually still have all three pages I drew for Da Old School, so I will donate them to the Kickstarter Campaign, along with the pages from The Legend of Challenge. The whole house of cards falls down to a large degree if we don't reach our fundraising goal. No one pays if we don't reach it, so I hope you'll click here to back the Champ!


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