New drawing: "Amen @ Work" + "iPatch" (for those who missed it)

 I'm always threatening to do comic strips about stuff that happens at work or whatever, but most of the time I never get around to it...

In this case, I did! Many of my favorite artists entertain the heck out of me with journal style comics about their own lives. This one's not all that deep or funny, but I figure I gotta start somewhere... also, here's another one-panel I drew last week:
iPatch by Samax Amen
I posted this on GhettoManga, but for some reason didn't drop it over here. Anyways, I hope you like the toons. Gotta get back to work! Both were drawn using ball point pen and a medium Sharpie pen. iPatch was also hand-lettered with the ball point and Sharpie. Amen @ Work was inked on a lightbox, which explains why it's so much cleaner. It was lettered in Photoshop (that font is blambot's free font "Creative Block"). Both drawings were toned in photoshop.
I posted both drawings up on the outside of my cubicle at work, and have heard people chuckle looking at them, which only "encourages me" as my wife puts it!
Hope you enjoy them too!


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