Some "Champion of Children: The Legend of Challenge" original art for sale

"It's bad..." pg 11
9 year old superhero, and former Champion of Children Junior Raw tried to take on an adult super-villain... It's not working out for him!

"Dang, Junior..." pg 12
Yes. Brigatine the Pain Machine hit Junior Raw so hard it knocked the page sideways... Like her big brother, the current Champ Li'l Madd Skillz and the other Kid Heroes are ready to take on this alien hick to protect the innocent from his wrath...
"Don't do it, Maddy! He's too powerful..." pg 14-15
This is one of the double-page spreads that are up fr grabs. This is from pages 14 and 15, after Brigatine quickly recovers from Crybaby's super-sonic blast (not shown... that was on page 13, which I haven't scanned yet...)
"This is grown folks' bidness"... pg16-17
 After a few pages sideways, Junior Raw and the page orientation are set back right by dusty old homeless dude Mr. Mc Gehee, who reveals himself to be Brigatine's retired superhero nemesis Challenge! After which, more fisticuffs ensue...

Anywho, there are 12 single pages and these two double page spreads for sale as part of the Champion of Children vol. 1: I'm Known as the Champ Fundraiser. When you buy an original page from the Legend of Challenge story you'll also get a signed copy of Champion of Children Vol #1: I'm Known as the Champ, along with a shout out on the web page, and eternal thanks from the Ghostwerks crew. You'll also be responsible for helping us get a great all-ages comic to a mass audience and jump-start a new renaissance in comics suitable for the whole fam! So anyways, those who pledge first will get to choose the pages they want, so get after it!

To see all the pledge rewards, click here!


B_Steelo said...

This may sound overly technical; but that's some of the best line weight I've ever seen.

Samax said...

Thanks... I found this stuff when we were moving... I was apparently in the zone or whatever! LOL!

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