ChampBackers caricature #15 -Khalid @Bsteelo Robertson

Steelo by Samax Amen

Since I didn't get any orders for the $25 Cartoon/ Sketch Portrait Sale today, I decided I would keep it moving by working on the ChampBackers Caricatures, awarded free to the first thirty backers of the Champion of Children Kickstarter last summer (yeah, I know...).
Anybody who knows me probably already knows my fellow GhostWerks brethren Khalid Robertson, but if not click here to get familiar.
I'm offering cartoon portraits like this for $25 (or, as I like to say, "MySpace Era Prices") from now until July 16th
[EDIT: Sorry, that sale is over. However, my FAN CLUB MEMBERS are still eligible for this pricing. Shoot me an email for details!] peace,

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