ChampBackers Caricature #16 @MarshallPlex

CalmPlex by Samax Amen

I came in contact with Marshall "Calmplex" Couture after writing this blog post about Dirt, a rapper I like. Calmplex is an emcee and beatsmith in Dirt's crew Shadow of the Locust, and also an underground comics artist and illustrator. So of course, we hit it off immediately! Marshall has been very supportive of just about everything I've done since we met, including being one of the first thirty backers of the Champion of Children Kickstarter (and thus recipient of this free portrait).

[EDIT: Sorry, that sale is over. However, my FAN CLUB MEMBERS are still eligible for this pricing. Shoot me an email for details!]
If you are interested in getting a cartoon portrait like this one, click the Paypal button and cop a drawing of yourself (or any other person you want, real or imaginary) for just $25If you peeped the dropdown menu, you know you can get an original hand-drawn piece mailed to you instead, or you can even get your drawing printed on a teeshirt or calendar print. Hit me up if you have questions, but remember, it's first come first served, and this offer expires on July 16th, so order yours as soon as possible.


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