Here's a couple of the $25 Portraits (only 4 DAYS LEFT to get yours!)

Jarvis S. admin at Black Science Fiction Society

Josh N. founder of ILLECT RECORDINGS

For $25, you can have a picture of yourself, a friend, or your favorite fictional or historical character turned into a cool cartoon drawing! Perfect for social media profile pics, avatars, and covers. Response has been good so far. This $25 offer expires July 16th, so click the button below to pay with Paypal!
[EDIT: Sorry, this sale is over. However, my FAN CLUB MEMBERS are still eligible for this pricing. Shoot me an email for details!]

If you peeped the dropdown menu, you know you can get a signed piece mailed to you instead, or you can even get your drawing printed on a teeshirt or calendar print. CLICK HERE to hit me up if you have questions, but remember, it's first come first served, and this offer expires on July 16th, so order yours as soon as possible.


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