30 Minute Sketch- "Grim..." by @SamaxAmen

I been so busy lately that I haven't done the Daily Sketch Challenge for a while. So I decided to blow 30 minutes on it Monday and had fun sketching Grim, the angel of Death with the fresh Jamaican patwa from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. I'm really happy with where this was going. Don't be surprised if I add the kids to it and make prints. Maybe in time for Halloween!
Anyways, I drew this straight into Photoshop with my Cintiq. I never was able to get comfortable using my Wacom tablet for anything more than cleanup/corrections, but drawing on the Cintiq (which I got for cheap around this time last year) is more or less second nature for me now. That's great, because I make a mess with art, and my organization has a lot of room to improve, but with digital files, it's as simple as maintaining and backing up files.
Anyways, hope you like the sketch. Get at me if you have any questions!

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