FOR SALE- "STORM #1 Sketch Cover" by @SamaxAmen


So I more or less finished this sketch cover for STORM #1 over the weekend, and here it is as promised, available to purchase. Because I am currently raising money to do stuff that needs to be done, I have this on sale for just $25 plus shipping. That strikes me as a pretty good (i.e. "low") price for an original piece of art. I can guarantee that price will go up once my current financial pinch subsides.

I originally sketched the figure on a discarded document from work, then light-boxed it onto the cover with assorted markers and brush pens. I can't tell you how much fun this was to draw! I love Storm, even though I am perplexed with how she is portrayed half the time. I have tried to move away from drawing a lot of fan art, but Storm is hard to resist. Whenever I draw her, I try to imbue the images with her unique blend of regal nature, elemental power and bad-to-the-bone feminism. Yeah, I used the F word. Storm is a feminist role model of the highest order. Don't get me started...
So anyways... if you want to buy my one-of-a-kind sketch cover of STORM #1 (for yourself or for a friend), click the button below and cop it before someone else does!


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