I want to make 2017 a BREAKTHROUGH year!

I was born on March 22nd, 1973 which means this year I turned 44 years old.  This past year was filled with plenty of ups and downs, and I want to thank God, as well as my friends, fans, and family who helped me get through all of it.  So far in 2017, I have been living strictly from money made from art.  It has been VERY rough, but this year with your help, I want to use my birthday week to launch into the most successful year I've ever had as an artist!

I want to invite you to sign up for membership in the Samax Amen Fan Club!  When I get to 20 new members, I will print an EXCLUSIVE members-only tee shirt for all the members, and all members will also receive a unique Membership Card with a Cartoon Portrait drawn by me!

monthly fee
tee shirt size

In addition to creating financial space for my studio practice as a painter, cartoonist, and arts activist, your monthly membership fee will enable me to choose to do more important work with those non-profits, schools, and small clients who may have the greatest need for my particular skill set, but cannot afford to pay a professional rate for it. 

I believe everyone is born with a purpose.  Mine is to create art.  I continue to pursue the high and underappreciated calling of Artist in today's world as a service to my people, my God, and myself.  To my fellow artists, I'm honored to labor alongside you in these trenches.
To all those reading this, I thank you for your support thus far, and invite you to click the subscribe button to start your monthly support.  You may cancel at any time, but I hope I am able to prove myself worthy of your contribution.

monthly fee
tee shirt size

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them. While you're here, CLICK HERE to sign up for my free, customizable newsletter

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