"Love Seat" a painting by Samax Amen

I was recently commissioned by my longtime friend and patron Cathy Hutchison to create a painting.  Because she is a fan of the way my mind works (and a really awesome lady), Cathy just pointed out a couple of my previous pieces and explained what appealed to her about them, but released me to do whatever I wanted within those loose parameters.
One of the pieces she liked was my Father's Day piece, a sweet digital cartoon drawing of me and my daughter, so I started off to do another drawing in that vein as the basis for the painting:
 So I did this sketch, which is supposed to be my daughter sitting in my lap (sleeping? reading? whatever).  I liked this one a lot, but decided not to commit at this stage.
 Having said that, I was really enamored with that the way that chair was looking.  I felt it, and believed I could paint it well.  But I tried the drawing on a love seat, with a woman reclining with a daughter instead....  Not bad.

 At this point, the name of the painting was "Love Seat", because I liked the sound of it, and I toyed with the idea of drawing Cathy and her husband into the painting.  At this point, though, I decided that was a bridge too far.  Even though I do portraits all the time, I was not even a little bit interested in getting into portraiture on this painting. Maybe next time, right?
 I can draw myself with no pressure to be accurate, so I kinda modeled the "husband" after myself (for some reason, I love drawing my pot belly!), sitting on the titular piece of furniture with a special lady (whose pose I am clearly still working out at this stage) who is reading a book.

So I used a lightbox to trace the sketch onto another sheet to nail down the poses and what not.  This drawing would be the "anchor" image to the painting.

 So I didn't take a lot of pictures of my process unfortunately, but I sketched the figures in the middle of the canvas in yellow, then painted the couch.  I decided to revisit the theme of my old drawing Miraculous, which features two lovers surrounded by angels that are celebrating their union.  Here, I painting a halo around the lovers for the angels to inhabit.  See some detail images and the final complete piece below.

Love Seat by Samax Amen. 24 "x 36" Acrylic and India ink on canvas
And here we have the final piece.  Not to sound all arrogant, but I'm SUPER happy with how Love Seat came out!  Again, I'm sorry I didn't take pics of the painting process in stages. I will do better next time!  But anyways, please feel free to drop questions, feedback and/or commission requests in the comments, on social media, or via email.

EDIT: 11x17 Prints Now Available. 


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