5 Items I am grateful to own

Today's Daily Health Challenge: "Walk around your home and notice 5 useful items that you feel grateful to own".  I strongly believe in the cultivation of gratitude, so I did a quick list, and encourage you to do it too!

*From MeYouHealth.com's Daily Challenge 

How to do it

Take a walk through your home. As you go, look out for five possessions that you feel thankful for. You might notice things you use frequently, or items that have always been reliable over the years.

Why it matters

Researchers have found that accumulating stuff is like walking on a treadmill: we keep purchasing to feel the excitement of having something new. Sound tiring? Giving credit to the things you already own can give you a break from wanting more - and help you appreciate what you already have
I don't have a lot of stuff.  Here's what I noticed just looking around my room:

Another Drawing of Myself Drawing (includes #1 + 2 from the list)

1) My cintiq- It's a second computer screen that allows me to draw right on the screen into my computer programs (usually photoshop).  They are pretty expensive, but I bought mine cheap a few years ago.  A real life-saver.  CLICK HERE to see some stuff I've drawn with it.

2) My tablemates- They are portable adjustable tray tables that I ordered from an infomercial years ago.  I use them at home and at shows to make my drawing set up mobile and agile. Click here to order yours, with my recommendation!

3) HP Scanner- I bought my first laptop over ten years ago.  It came with a scanner/printer that I still use.

4) Clippers- Haven't paid for a haircut since 2007.

5) lightbox- When I draw on paper, I can be messy on sketches, then trace them cleanly onto another sheet using my light box.  I ordered a used one on Amazon in 2012, and I HIGHLY recommend it..  It paid for itself in less than a week.

Anyways, I'm grateful I have been able to find and acquire these tools to enrich my life.

What about you?  List 5 items you are grateful to own in the comments below, or on social media.

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