Check out this new Cartoon Portrait, and tell me which version you like best.

 A long-time client got at me to do a Cartoon Portrait of his daughter Ari as a super hero for her birthday, and I jumped at it...
  I love superheroes, so these are my favorite Cartoon Portrait commissions to do.   As my rates for different kinds of commissions have gone up, I have pretty much priced myself out of range of the average indy comicbook entrepreneur's budget.  As I lamented to a colleague on social media earlier this week, I've had trouble prioritizing my personal comics projects, too.  So I get a lot of my comics-creating chops out on these relatively quick Cartoon Portraits. 

In this case, the client only wanted digital copies (a coloring book style black and white, and a color poster), so I did the whole thing in Photoshop with my Cintiq.  I wound up doing two color versions, and let him have both of them.

Which one do you like the best?  Or do you think the black and white is the best (I won't be offended at the obvious rejection of my coloring)?  Let me know via comment or social media!

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Rasmane said...

This work is more visually interesting in color—though that‘s not always the case in your work. (You always make what’s “supposed” to be black-and-white work on its own—at least for me.)

The cyan “power core” in her torso pops more in the red version.

A third version that could work would be having yellow accents (beads, gauntlets and utility belt) in the red composition—although that could evoke Marvel’s “Iron Man” more than you might want.

Samax said...

Thanks for the feedback, George.
I really wanted to stay away from the Iron Man look, but just kept falling back to it. But the power core definitely contributes to that. Given more time, I might have scrapped that element for another, but it still feels good.

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