That Time I Spoke in King James English All Day

While we're talm'bout Facebook, do you remember that time I decided (for some reason) to talk in King James English all day?
This was when I was working Special Projects Animation Team at the e-learning software company Study Island.  That was the best job ever!

Anyways, it was Christmas Week, and I had to work.  So I decided I would clown around on Facebook by talking in what I like to call "King Jameslish".

I do it all the time, mostly to amuse myself, but I decided to share the joy, in the spirit of the season.  So these posts came up in my FB Memories today, and now I'm dying of laughter, and sharing.


So, once my boss let me go, I didn't post any more on Facebook that day.  As it turns out, this was during the period when my wife and I actually still enjoyed talking to each other.  

PLUS we had a three year old. 

So there was no time for social media shenanigans.  

In case you're wondering, yes.  I did talk to my wife and daughter like this all day too.  It was hilarious.

I wish the Facebook memories showed my comments on other people's posts, as I'm sure I was commenting in KJV as well.

If your FB Memories pulled up posts where I am talking like this, now you know why!  I wold love some screenshots if you have them!
Happy Holidays!
-Samax ("some AX")


Unknown said...

How didst thy young scion suffer thy foray into ye olden tongue?

Samax said...

My young heiress, though only three years of age, even then suffered my foolishness with grace beyond her years.

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