Want one of these inspirational prints, fam? Or All Three?

Whenever I do personality tests or analysis of any kind, one of the strengths they always reveal is the aptitude and ability to inspire others.

In fact, it is during the darkest periods of my life that people approach me the most to tell me how something I said or did helped them.

This year, I have gotten that kind of feedback about these three pieces - Confidence, Manifesto, and Challenge Accepted- more than any others.

Confidence by Samax Amen
11 x 11 inch print (signed) $40

Manifesto by Samax Amen
11 x 11 inch print (signed) $40

Challenge Accepted by Samax Amen
11 x 11 inch print (signed) $40

Want All Three Prints?

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QUESTIONS?  Let me know!

-Samax ("some AX") Amen

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