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The NEXT LEVEL Freelancing Class is officially underway!  I had a good time with my students, a small group of service providers looking to build solid freelancing businesses in 2021.
One important key for doing business in 2021 is to know who your Ideal Clients are. 

Knowing your desired clients and what their problems are is crucial, because it will determine the skills you need, what you can charge, how to speak to them, and even how to find them.
Your Ideal Client is a client who:
  • Has problems and challenges you can easily fix
  • Sees you as a valuable necessity they treasure, instead of a necessary evil
  • Is the kind of person or business you like to take care of.  Shared values are more important than you think.
  • Likes you, appreciates your hard work, and will tell their friends, peers, and contacts about you
  • Will pay you what you're worth and will be happy to do so because they know you're worth it
Do you know who your Ideal Clients is? If not, I have an awesome new resource that can help you find out who your Ideal Client might be! 

CLICK HERE to get yours!

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