About Samax

Samax, Marley, and Samax's ArtPark Mural in Dallas, TX
Samax Amen Randolph is a professional cartoonist, illustrator, and content developer
He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing, with a minor in Social Science from the University of North Texas in 1999. He and his work have appeared in The Dallas Morning News, the Quick, NT Daily, The North Texan, and Black Comix

Samax creates and develops comics, cartoons, and other content for small and medium sized businesses, and breathes life into entertainment properties for other creative entrepreneurs.  

In addition to being a talented visual artist and storyteller in his own right, Samax is passionate about celebrating the creative work and achievements of other artists, especially in the worldwide hip hop community's diverse culture. His magazine GhettoManga Quarterly and his blog at GhettoManga.com have healthy readerships in the US, Canada and Europe.

You can email Samax at samax@samaxamen.com

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